Monday, December 22, 2014


I think I'm on one since our quilt shop and longarming has been born.  Maybe I should at least do one a month !

Thursday, April 3, 2014

B-4 Chris' Soccer Field not trimmed

Joke's on me ... haha       Is there ever really an easy DJ block, especially later in the day.  I do enjoy paper piecing but I get very acquainted with my seam reaper.  Hope this sparks me up again. It's untrimmed since I put my DJ rulers somewhere.  I MUST get organized.  In the meantime, off tomorrow early in hopes HQ18 computer comes tomorrow.

How embarrassing LOL

It is amazing how excited and ready I was to tackle this quilt.  Then I get out in the sun and have some fun and never return.  A few things happened in the mean time. A friend and I purchased a HQ 18 Avante longarm from a favorite shop that was closing.  We took a class on the computerized system ProStitch. Our first customer quilt was a Christmasy wall hang that we really struggled with.  I even did some  Shasiko on it with a Baby Lock Shasiko machine we purchased  We "played" with our own quilts to get practice (after quilting about 10 of them, there are too many more to mention that need to be completed :)  ). We ate too much during the holidays.  We camped over New Years in Daytona, rained.  I spent about three weeks of January being sick with nasty sinus infection and wasn't even able to use CPAP. Luckily I was able to spend two weeks on vacation in February, nine days in Hawaii with Beverly Hills / Malibu on the front end and San Francisco / Napa Valley on the way home.   We have completed a few quilts for clients now.  Last Friday the PC DIED during a row of edge to edge quilting.  New one should arrive tomorrow so that we can complete it.  A wedding quilt needs to be completed by end of September.  For Christmas, I have also commissioned two quilts which will be made out of clothing of the parents, to be given the daughters.

SO I think I will go up and pick out an easy block and just GITTERDONE !!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Month Two BOM from Stitchin Heaven

I received BOM fabric this week, finished T 1 and T 2, digitized quite a few blocks in Masterworks, & washed and ironed fabric.  So today my printer was acting up.  I called my favorite quilting buddy, Wanda.  While talking, she said turn off, then back on.  And it worked !!!!  DUH after 2 hours hours of looking at that message and waiting for hubby to come home and fix it ....  ARGGH    Okay, the rest of the day I am spending time with the next ten blocks, deciding how I want to construct them, making foundations and / or simplifying instructions for my use.  So tomorrow should be a very productive day.  Beautiful sunny day !

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Progress Today

After cleaning house and cleaning a bit outside, had friends over for boating and food on Sunday.  It was a fun day full of laughter and chatter.  Monday was another day on the boat.  Today it's back to my Jane using the fabric I received form Stitchin Heaven.  I completed 6 squares.  The plan tomorrow is to complete Triangles T 1 and T 2.  Also digitize the squares A 3 and A 7 ( to be sewn on my Ellegante at a later date this month).  Once I get both sets done I will post pictures.  I am a bit tired but happy.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thanks to Yvette !!! T9 Needle's Point SAMPLE

Foundation prints to scale

PP in one piece...impossible
Machine pieced only, no reverse applique 10 pieces
Like homework and housework, it takes longer to do it when you avoid it.  So this SIMPLE looking block took me longer than it should have since I didn't want to reverse applique.  Machine PP for me :)

Triangle solution

Today the Dear Jane CD disappoints me since I don't think EQ is user friendly, that is I have not spend my time learning (playing with) it.  So for now I will trace foundation pieces from book and rotary cut when possible.